Welcome to the store "GEMMATASSEL".

My name is Anastasia, I create earrings, necklaces , belts with tassels. I like to choose colors, stones for a person, or some kind of close to him symbols.

At the moment my work experience is two years. For three years I traveled to Asia since 2014, then I was a photographer and inspired by exotics, I watched the work of local masters, decided to take up my production. For today I live in Italy, I brought my ideas to Europe.

All tassels are made by hands. In my work I use 100% natural silk threads of Italian, Japanese, Swiss, German, American producers, these threads are durable, untwisted, do not crumble, do not break and do not lose color! Believe me, I lived in the most humid and sunny tropical conditions, where it was possible to check all the metarials for quality, choosing the best for their work !!! I also use hemp threads, Japanese seed beads, only pure silver from Italy and Thailand, selected natural stones, lava, pearls.

My products are more durable and very light in weight. Therefore, wearing them is nice, easy, without worrying for quality.

Virtually all products are created in a single copy. For today, there are already happy owners of tassels jewels in different countries. What I noticed, these accessory help instantly create a festive and special look, literally one stroke of tassels and you are ready to go out, already beauty, elegantly and stylishly.

I wish all courage in choosing a style, let beauty continue to save the world, and creativity will be unlimited.


The main theme of my jewelry is an painter, artist with different kinds of brushes for drawing in his hands, he is constantly in the creative process. Even if he buys flowers or invited you to the cinema, images and ideas live in his head. He is not afraid of poverty, he is far from politics and political system. He wears old fashion clothes because they are stained with paint, clothes that probably have a funny story, he listens to the singing of birds at night.The one who found himself and is not afraid to show his vivid personality to the public. I'm always inspired by artists with a palette of colours in their hands. Аt me from them the spirit grasps.

 my story

the beginning of my work, the time of trials...